Personalized Mass Media

As pioneers of Innovative Media in India and a category leader, we extensively promote our Personalized Media Vehicles among various demographic profiles - be it competing or non-competing media owners, current and potential clients, Media Watchers, Influencers, Government entities and various Media forums.

We at Axis My India Ltd., genuinely believe that our Media enables Marketers & Brand Owners as well as State and National ministries to overcome the limitations of Mass Media and deliver accountable, measurable and guaranteed media reach at a cost-effective rate. Axis has been proliferating the efficacy of the media and continues its commitment to providing maximum reach for all brands & services.

Come, explore the efficacies of the media through our wide range of media options:

HPCL & IOCL Gas Bills

Gas Bill Advertising

Axis offers exclusive advertising space on LPG Gas bills that reaches the nooks & corners of India. Currently, the combined reach of HPCL Gas Bills and IOCL Gas bills is approximately 10.14 Crores.

Electricity Bills

Gas Bill Advertising

Axis offers brands advertising space on Electricity bills of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana with a combined reach of approx. 4.6 Crores (46.64 M) for every billing cycle.

Railway Reservation Tickets

Railway Ticket Advertising

Axis offers prime advertising space on Railway Reservation Tickets for major states covering Central, Western, South Western, Eastern and North Eastern Railway Network among others. The combined reach of these tickets is approx. 2.3 crores (23 M).

Airline Media

Air India Boarding Pass advertising

Axis offers advertising space on Air India Boarding Pass, our National Air carrier that enables you to reach an evolved audience efficiently.


Axis offers an exclusive opportunity to advertise on mirrors in railway coaches & also distribute product samples. With 225 mirrors per train this provides an unprecedented opportunity to maximise the visibility of your brand. The combined reach of these mirrors is approx. 3.2 crores per month (32 M).

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