Consumer Trust Index: Market Research like never before

Consumer Trust Index brings to the table "Voice of Consumer" through an unmatched stratified sampling exercise of 1 million+ interviews, representative of India's diversity in geographical spread, behaviour, consumption and socio-cultural habits. The AMI platforms uniqueness stems from a fully integrated front & backend, data collection and analysis cell ensuring quality of reportage and deadlines. Welcome to the home of real insights, get to the heart of India through Axis My India.

What sets us apart?

  1. A dedicated field team trained and managed by seasoned in-house research professionals with the largest ever reach across 700+ districts pan-India accessing the lowest geographical unit.

  2. Robust representation through stratified sampling using the population proportionate approach.

  3. Data powerhouse with whopping 400+ Brands spanning across 45 categories.

  4. Quality department with 130+ quality assurance auditors. Quality team takes real time remote access of the device to monitor interview data quality.

  5. CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interview) tablet is management's custom-made software developed for our Quality department to monitor, manage and resolve issues in devices by remotely accessing them to rectify the same without much delay.

  6. An adaptable platform customized to individual client requirements and objectives providing the most comprehensive geographical and demographic cuts, going well beyond mindshare mapping.

Consumer Trust Index aids Brand custodians to answer Marketers dilemma like :

  1. What is the MARKET/MIND SHARE of my brand viz-a-viz competition at district level?

  2. Is my product available in a SPECIFIC District?

  3. Do all Consumers who USE my product prefer it?

  4. Do all Consumers who PREFER my product, buy it? ...If not, why?

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Consumer Trust Index