Axis My India, India’s leading Market Research Company

Axis My India offer’s complete solution for all research (customized & syndicated) and consulting needs.

We are a member of the Market Research Society of India (MRSI). Our research capabilities cover the entire spectrum of data mining including brand research pertaining to consumer preference & consumption and electoral research providing reliable exit-poll findings.

Our market research capabilities have been written as a case study in Harvard Business School. This case study demonstrates our expertise in providing insight solutions through field surveys across the length and breadth of our country.

Our ingenious use of technological solutions, robust processes, quality control, and completely in-house infrastructure & resources have played a significant role in our success. We strive to constantly delight our clients with accurate insights that demonstrate our hold over the nation’s pulse, particularly rural communities.

We offer a complete solution for all your Research and Consulting needs with both ad-hoc & syndicated studies.

Axis My India Market Research Advantage

Reach - Experience conducting studies across the length & breadth of the country, covering 722 districts out of 728 in India & 19 cr out of 25 cr Indian households

Team - In-house team & servers for data collection, to ensure accuracy and quality of data. Teams recruited/assigned to a specific project work only for AMI and the said project, under complete supervision of Axis team (AMIT) leads in the field.

Speed & Scale - Speed & Accuracy in delivery, at the same time samples as large as 7.22 Lakh

Technology - Advanced technology backed data collection, with additional capability of advanced analytics & BI

Quality - Strict Quality Control Measures with the support of technology and a dedicated in-house team

Use of technology in Market Research

CAPI- Computer Aided Personal Interviews (CAPI) are conducted using Android Tabs. Each tab has 100% Voice Recording Storage Facility, GPS tracking, Video Recording

Axis My India App- Customized App to host Quick Surveys

CATI- In-house infrastructure and team to conduct Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews (CATI).

Power BI- Analytics Platform for Dashboard, Data Visualization & Real time reporting

Quality Control- A tailor made Software which provides end to end monitoring, including tracking of Interviewer movements during the interviews, GPS tracking for location, monitoring and preventing skipping of any questions & resolving any device related issues remotely.

IVRs- Integrated Voice Response system to manage volumes of about 10K calls a day.

Market Research Areas - Our experience & expertise

  •   Impact Assessment Study

  •   Pre-Poll Research & Strategies

  •   Brand Health Measurement & Communication Evaluation

  •   Customer Satisfaction & NPS

  •   Usage and Attitude

  •   Concept and Product testing

  •   Consumer Profiling & Media Habits

  •   Non-political Opinion Polls

  •   Market Sentiments and Opportunity Assessment Study

  •   Audit for availability & visibility of products in Retail shops- All India U/R till the remotest location

  •   Business Consulting for M&A, Investments etc

Market Research - Training, rewarding & monitoring

1-Training & Rewarding

  •   Only Axis My India staff interview the respondents.

  •   They are dressed as per ‘Axis My India’ dress code for field surveys

  •   The field staffs, supervisors, moderator and facilitator undergo extensive training on various aspects related to the project, especially about conducting the fieldwork and proper administration of the questionnaire.

  •   Star performers are motivated through awards and rewards and our emphasis on training has achieved the desired results time and again


  •   We have a Quality Assurance Cell working round the clock to monitor minute to minute incoming data from the field and the data is subject to stringent quality checks

Consumer Trust Index

  •   Consumer Trust Index measures product consumption behaviour across 40+ categories, in 700+ districts and has an unmatched sample of 1 million respondents in a year. It’s deep insights on purchase, usage, loyalty shift & media will help deliver effective marketing decisions.

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